Numismatics Shop

RaymondoDanieli is a Numismatics and Antique shop located in Israel.
We own a wide collection of Coins, Medals, Paper money, Stamps and Antiques.

Raymondo Danieli owns a masters degree in history studies and a long-time collector with 40 years of experience in collecting and dealing with coins and antiques. We are an, PCGS, NGC, PMG and RNGA authorised dealers. Our shop is located in the old city of Or-aqiva nearby the ancient port city of Caesarea, Israel.

What We Do?

  1. We sell a wide collection of Coins, Medals, Paper money, Stamps and Antiques.
  2. Our team has a keen knowledge in coin grading and we can grade your coin – contact us for more information
  3. We provide our clients the opportunity to sell their collection of Numismatic products using our various of selling platforms. Such as, selling in our both fisical and online store, auctions system etc. Call us for more information.

RaymondoDanieli Numismatics team of experts meets with collectors regularly during international numismatic exhibitions (London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, New York, Chicago, Valkenburg, etc.).

Our experts are at your disposal to build, complete, or improve your collection. You may also entrust us with the sale of your coins banknotes and antiques. We will advise you in order to provide the best estimated value and you’ll benefit from our company’s international exposure.

By combining tradition and the latest technological innovations, RaymondoDanieli Numismatics team does its best to ensure that collectors can fully enjoy their passion for numismatics.